Frost mat

Frost mat is used to protect the freshly laid concrete against frost and excessive evaporation of moisture.


The mat is mainly used during cold autumn, winter and spring days. In summer the use of frost mat for concrete limits the rate of its drying too fast.

Closed cell structure of frost mat is resistant to moisture and dump.

The thermal insulation effect of frost mat reduces the loss of natural concrete hydration heat and so keeps the concrete warm for a longer time ensuring safe curing.

Frost mat provides an easy and inexpensive way of protecting concrete from frost.

Material is lightweight and easy to handle on site.

Main characteristics

  • High thermal insulation properties
  • Reusable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle

Product showcase

  • Image of Frost mat product
  • Image of Frost mat product
  • Image of Frost mat product

Technical information

Application Frost protection for concrete works
Technology Closed cell low density (non-crosslinked) polyethylene foam
Length 50 m
Width 1.60 m, 2.00 m
Thickness 10 mm
Density 22 - 24 kg/m³
Recycling 100% recyclable

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