About Us

We manufacture Polyethylene foam and Air bubble film

We are a highly professional team of experts in the manufacture of polyethylene foam and air bubble film. We have 25 years of experience in this field.

We are inspired by the trust of our customers, which drives us to offer products that meet customer and market requirements.

We export our products to more than 40 countries all over the world. The export rate has reached 90% of the company's turnover.

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Our Specialization

PEPI RER produces high-quality non-crosslinked polyethylene foams of various densities, as well as air bubble films and converted products, which are widely used in industrial packaging, construction, and many other sectors where materials with excellent shock absorption, good sound, and thermal insulation properties and elasticity are required.

We focus on the production of polyethylene foam and air bubble film rolls, sheets, planks, bags, and profiles, as well as IGLU Soft Play blocks. Our main products are ProVent, HDA underlays, and IGLU Soft Play brand.

While there are many slogans and mottos out there, our is to deliver exactly what the customer wants. We believe in a pragmatic approach that prioritises action over words to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and supply high-quality polyethylene foam, air bubble film, and converted products for a wide range of applications in the construction, packaging, and toy sectors, focusing on efficiency, safety, and versatility, to create an inclusive and sustainable organizational culture, and to realize and ensure sustainable growth and development of the company.

Our Vision

We see ourselves as a leading polyethylene foam and air bubble film manufacturer in the Baltics, a major exporter to Scandinavian and European markets and a dominant global player with IGLU Soft Play. We aim to be the best choice for our customers, employees, and cooperation partners.

Our Values

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    Working together internally and with the customer to achieve a common goal

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    Creating value for the product

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    Taking responsibility for the environment in our actions and commitments

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    Focus on solutions for every situation to meet customer needs

Our Milestones

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