Laminated floor covering underlays

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Our produced laminate floor covering underlays provide stable mechanical properties.

Therefore they can be used in system with the most part of laminated floor coverings. Excellent shock-noise absorbing sound insulation properties gives you extra comfort and quality of life.

The picture shows:

  1. Reinforced concrete panel
  2. Concrete underlay
  3. Perimeter tape
  4. Concrete or with "estrich" technology embedded "Black" floor
  5. Laminated floor underlay (ProVent, KombiFoam, PEPI 2.0 CS_1, etc.)
  6. Laminated floor covering
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ProVent – a special underlay installing which you can stop worrying about the effects of a possible moisture in the underfloor space.

All this thanks to a special design of the underlay, which during operation provides a stable airflow or ventilation in the room between the laminated floor covering and the concrete or wooden floor. That's why we call it a ventilating underlay.

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Kombi Foam

Kombi Foam – underlay with shock-noise absorbing properties.

In the application is embedded a steam barrier film that provides a sufficient floor protection from moisture.

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Standard underlay

Standard underlay - a regular PE foam underlay with thicknesses of 2 and 3 mm.

Compensate standard irregularities. Provides shock-proof insulation and reduces step created noise in the room.

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Metallized underlay

Metallized undercoat – foamed polyethylene material with metallized film.

Foamed polyethylene serves as a shock-noise absorber and floor uneveness compensator. Metallized film, in its turn, is a good material for steam barrier, which at the same time serves as a heat reflector.

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