Reflective thermal insulation – PEPI REFLEKT series

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PEPI REFLEKT products can be used for insulation of carcass buildings, thermal insulation of sauna rooms, protection of car interior from direct sunlight, floor systems (both heated and unheated), insulation of ventilation systems, concrete protection, heating radiator heat reflective panels and even different types of special clothing.

The picture shows:

  1. Reinforced concrete panel
  2. Concrete underlay
  3. Perimeter tape
  4. Concrete or with "estrich" technology embedded "Black" floor
  5. Laminated floor underlay (ProVent, KombiFoam, PEPI 2.0 CS_1, etc.)
  6. Laminated floor covering
  7. Lathing
  8. Reflective insulation (PEPI REFLEKT group product)
  9. Steam insulation tape for seam insulation
  10. Reflective insulation (PEPI REFLEKT group product)

The essence of the reflective thermal insulation is the reflection of infrared radiation (IS radiation accounts for 74% of all heat loss), which is carried out by pure, polished aluminum,

  • Polyethylene microscopic air bubbles prevent the formation of condensation, help the foil to warm up, and it begins to reflect the heat.
  • Reflective thermal insulation reduces heat loss due to convection about 4 times.

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We offer PEPI REFLEKT reflecting insulation, which in combination with classical thermal insulation (foamed polystyrene, rock wool or mineral wool) helps to obtain an energy efficient result without losing excess room space.

Standard reflective thermal insulation "pie" is on average 30-40mm thinner than the classic thermal insulation (rock wool, mineral wool) that provides equivalent heat resistance.

The picture shows:

  1. Stone wool or mineral wool ≥ 250mm
  2. PEPI REFLEKT group insulation material
  3. Lathing for air gap
  4. Interior finish

The use of PEPI REFLEKT products does not require additional steam barrier, because both aluminum foil and metallized PET film have very good steam barrier properties.


It is based on two-layer foam polyethylene, which gives it extra strength, laminated on one side with polished aluminum foil.

This material is used for internal insulation as an independent complex of heat, steam and sound insulation material, or as an addition to the existing insulation of the whole building or separate rooms. It is also used as a heat-reflective screen behind heating radiators, automobiles, mechanisms, heating elements, etc. for insulation.

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It is based on two layer foam polyethylene, laminated on both sides with polished aluminum foil.

Used as reflective thermal insulation in building construction, renovation and repair works. It is important to observe the installation principles for maximum effect.

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It is based on two layer polyethylene foam, laminated on one side with metallized PET film.

Metallized PET film has an absorption coefficient of approximately 1.5 to 2 times higher. Consequently, it can be successfully used for tourism accessories, car sun protector etc. making.

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