SIA “PEPI RER” is the leading foam polyethylene producer in the Baltics. Company with a rich experience of more than twenty years, a united team and developed materially technical base.

Our specialization

SIA "PEPI RER" manufactures high-quality foam polyethylene and its products, which are widely demanded in industrial packaging, construction, as various insulating materials and in many other industries where materials with excellent shock absorbing properties, good swimming ability, sound insulation, elasticity and so on are needed.

We export to 30 countries

SIA "PEPI RER" is a well-established export-oriented manufacturing company. Total exports account for 85% of production. Direct and company partner delivery destinations are located in 30 countries worldwide.


  • To be a significant and competitive producer on a European scale;
  • Maintain customer-oriented communication and service;
  • To offer high-quality, competitive products;
  • High productivity; creative, innovative approach to work;
  • Coordinated teamwork, high level of work safety;
  • Handy, savvy attitude to the environment and resources.


The company was founded in 1998. In one of the former Valka Lauktehnikas housings is installed an equipment assembled in Korea, and at the beginning of 1999, the company is launching the production of foam polyethylene material.

Thanks to the know-how and energy of the company's technical team, the production line is enhanced and supplemented with new production opportunities, is increased its capacity.

As a result of active marketing, foam polyethylene products from a little-known product become a widely demanded material in the construction and packaging market.

At present, in the company are installed 4 modern foam polyethylene and bubble film extrusion lines, several lines for material cutting, lamination and duplication. Warehouse area has increased ten times.



The company focuses on the customer, standard and regulatory requirements, to become one of the most competitive and innovative product suppliers in Northern Europe and the world.

We study and understand the needs of our customers and create for them a suitable offer, beneficial for both the client and the company.

We focus our activities in such a way as to ensure:

  • employee satisfaction;
  • safe and energy-efficient environment;
  • reduction of environmental pollution.

Each employee is responsible for:

  • the quality and timeliness of their work;
  • compliance with labor and environmental protection requirements;
  • rational use of resources;
  • suggestions for improving the work.

SIA PEPI RER has entered into the contract No. 25 of 2016. SKV-L-2016/131 with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency for receiving support under the measure "Promotion of International Competitiveness" co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

On June 18, 2021, SIA PEPI RER ”and the Central Finance and Contracts Agency signed Agreement No. of the European Union Fund project "Energy efficiency improvements that increased the production introduction of SIA" PEPI RER "" implementation. See here